Accessible Travel in Holland

Holland offers many accessible travel services to assist disabled visitors, and for travellers who may have limited mobility or require assistance during their stay in the Netherlands.  

Accessible Public Transportation 

Many of the public transit services in Holland include accessible travel options to accommodate a wide range of travel needs.

Travelling by Train 

Many train stations in Holland have a variety of facilities on-site to accommodate travellers with limited mobility. Be sure to look up your specific stops on your journey, as there may be designated entrances for wheelchairs and wheelchair-accessible bathrooms.  

Travelling by Bus or Tram 

Busses and Trams within the Netherlands are mostly accessible and accommodating to disabled travellers and usually have ramps available. But be aware that not all tram stops have a ramp available, there is sometimes a step required to descend off the tram.  


Many local restaurants in Amsterdam and in larger cities in the Netherlands are accommodating to customers with limited mobility and include a ramp or elevator. Unfortunately, in smaller towns and cities not all restaurants may be as accommodating. Another thing to consider is the restroom facilities in restaurants, they can sometimes be narrow or even be located on another level of the building.  

Local Attractions  

Many local attractions in and around the Netherlands have made many improvements to further enhance the experience for disabled travellers and those with limited mobility. Many museums have staff on-hand available and willing to help make a museum tour more enjoyable, some even offer unique tours for those who require the use of a wheelchair.  

Be sure to contact individual tourist destinations, many have unique accommodations available such as reserved seating and they may also provide special discounts and offers for visitors with disabilities.  

Additional Services 

Holland offers some great additional services to disabled travellers to ensure their travel is smooth and accommodating: 
  • Special services can be booked at local airports to accommodate those travelling with wheelchairs. Services differ between airports, but be sure to inquire when booking flights.   
  • Travelers can book adapted vans and buses to travel between cities and towns that may not be accessible by train, bus or tram.  
  • Canal cruises are now offering wheelchair lifts to accommodate all travellers who want to explore the Amsterdam canals. 
  • Specially designed wheelchairs can be rented for those who would like to experience a trip to the beach.  

Challenges to Keep in Mind 

Although there are many accessible tourist's spots and destinations in and around The Netherlands, unfortunately not all are accessible and accommodating to disabled travellers. Here are some challenges that disabled travellers might experience while visiting Holland: 

Many historic buildings in Amsterdam are tall, narrow and have many stairs – such as the infamous Anne Frank House which does not yet have an elevator. Be sure to research travel spots beforehand.  

Cobblestone roads are common throughout Europe, and that includes the Netherlands. Roads can sometimes be uneven, causing a bumpy ride for travellers in wheelchairs. 

The infamous canals in Amsterdam are a popular sight, but be aware – some of the canal bridges have stairs, making them more difficult to cross.  
For additional information about accessible services, restaurants, routes and more, download the Amsterdam CityGuide.  If you're looking for exciting things to do and see while visiting the Netherland, take a look at our list of the Top 10 Things To Do in Holland.

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