Apenheul Primate Park

If you're looking for a family-friendly activity for the animal lovers in your midst, the Apenheul Primate Park is the place to visit!

Apenheul was opened in 1971 and was populated with primates of all kinds. When you visit, you'll get to experience the primates living in their natural habitat, and it will give you a unique look at their feeding behaviors and living patterns. A must do is attend any of the different presentations of feeding times for the animals. Once the food is out, you'll get to observe the monkeys and apes coming from all corners of the forest. As the animal keepers feed the animals, you'll get to learn more about them and even hear some funny stories about them!

After you observed the primates, have some fun at the jungle playground. Apenheul has several on-site restaurants and cafés to choose from when you need a snack. The Bigfood restaurant gives you a chance to relax and enjoy a full meal whereas Jambo's Place offers light foods like freshly made sandwiches and other snacks. Jambo's Place is located right next to a playground so you can enjoy your coffee while your kids have fun on the playground!

Apenheul is run by the Apenheul Foundation who dedicates its work to primates and preserving a natural habitat for them to live in. Since Apenheul is a such a specialized zoo, they have earned an excellent reputation as the primate experts. With the amount of experience and research conducted at the zoo, Apenheul employees are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with visitors from around the world.

Apenheul is located less than 45 minutes from Utrecht and Nijmegen. There is plenty of parking at Apenheul and lots of signage that will take you from the car park into the zoo itself.

Apenheul is open from April 15 to October 30 each year.

Children aged 2 and under: Free
Children aged 3-12: €18.50
Adults: €21
Disabled Adults: €18.50

If you are planning to visit Apenheul more than once during your trip to the Netherlands, a season ticket is more cost effective and will let you visit the park as many times as you'd like during the season! Or more information about tickets and the park take a look at the website

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