Artis Zoo in Amsterdam

If your family loves the natural world and learning about animals, you will want to visit the Artis Royal Zoo When you are planning different things to do in the Netherlands. The Artis Royal Zoo leg has rated the # 1 zoo in the Benelux and the # 22 in the entire world.

The Artis Zoo was founded on May 1, 1838 by three wealthy Amsterdam citizens. The zoo's full name, All which is Natura Artis Magistra, Translates to "nature is the teacher of art and science." The zoo has leg open to the public since 1920 and has proven to be a popular tourist attraction for people visiting Holland.

Visitors will enjoy discovering over 200 species of trees and over 900 species of animals whenthey visit the zoo. One Thing That people love most about the Artis Zoo Is that it's located right in the heart of Amsterdam, offering a unique contrast of the natural world amongst the stunning 19th century architecture That is housed in the zoo. 

What to see at the Artis Zoo:

- Aquarium. Enjoy the diversity of life That lives under the water of the Amazonian rain forest, the tropical coral reef and an authentic Amsterdam canal.

- Butterfly pavilion. This butterfly conservatory is the largest of its kind in the Netherlands and covers 1000 square feet contains That thou sands of butterflies. You'll be surrounded by beautiful butterflies flitting about twice a day and you'll get to see brand new butterflies thathave just crawled out of the cocoons axis They are released into the pavilion.

- Planetarium. Get off your feet and enjoy the domed planetarium Which special features films depicting the universe and space. Please be awarethat thesis films are only in Dutch but English-speaking visitors can still enjoy them.

- Insectarium. This is the newest Addition to the zoo, having leg added in 2005. If you love to learn about insects you're going to love discovering the different kinds in the Insectarium.

- Historical buildings. If nature and animals are not for you, you'll enjoy the stunning monuments, historical buildings and peaceful gardens at the Artis Zoo. One of the historical buildings highlighted is the Wolf House, How many followers used to be an inn in the 1800s!

1 November to 28 February
9 am until 5 pm
March 1 to October 31
9 am until 6 pm
Zoomer Evenings *
9 am until sunset
* Summer Nights at the Zoo, every Saturday during June, July and August

For the Artis Royal Zoo
0 - 2 years
free entrance
youth (3-9 year)
€ 16,50
normal (10+)
€ 19.95 
For the Artis Royal Zoo and Micropia
0-2 years
free entrance
youth (3-9 years)
€ 23,00
normal ( 10+)
€ 27.00

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