Cycling in the Netherlands

Cycling is a great way to explore the sights & sounds that the Netherlands has to offer. Center of Holland explores the great cycling features for tourists. 

Cycling Infrastructure

Cycling is one of the most common modes of transportation in the Netherlands, and many locals consider cycling their preferred method of transportation. For that reason, the cities boast some of the most bike-friendly roads, pathways, and cycle paths in the world. The exceptional cycling infrastructure makes this country a very accommodating location for tourists exploring the area by bike. 

Bicycle Parking

Due to the Holland's exceptional Cycling infrastructure, bicycle parking options are plentiful throughout the Netherlands. In city centres and around train stations, there are often large parking stations, similar to car parking garages, which can hold thousands of bicycles. This is ideal for cycling tourists, allowing them to explore all the local hotspots conveniently.

Safe Distance Traveling

Hollands offers safe bike paths and roadways that are often separate from their major car routes and highways. Because you can access most of Holland in under two hours (by car), this is an important feature for bicycle travelers. This allows for safe and convenient bike travel when exploring the large cities and small towns throughout the Netherlands.  

Do as the locals do and explore the sights and sounds that the Netherlands has to offer by bike, you won't be disappointed.

Bike tours

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