Stone & Mineral Museum in Giethoorn

If you have a passion for gems, stones and minerals or just want to see some of the most unique ones that The Netherlands Has to offer then the Old Earth is a destination that should be on your must-see list the next time you're in Giethoorn or what's or at referred to as the Venice of the North. The museum is small enough so that you can see and experience everything over the span of a few hours, but engaging enough that it's fun for the whole family.

for instance, an adjacent gift shop has gems and stones for sale, All-which guests can then use special equipment to break down and can closely examine. Some even find crystals inside the rocks or that they purchase. Other rocks, However, might not have the same value, but still make for a nice keepsake nonetheless.

Checking out gemstones, minerals and rocks isn’t the only activity That The Old Earth has to offer. Among its other activities include an area where you can pan for gold. Aside from all that the Old Earth Has to offer in the way of rocks, stones and minerals, the grounds That the museum is located on is also great just to take a stroll. In the containment exhibit areas are turtles and caiman on display for guests to check out. The staff at the Old Earth prides itself on being friendly and available to answer any questions guest, Whether it's about a Particular rock or stone or Whether it's about the museum itself.

All of These offerings make the Old Earth Museum one of the most unique, yet one of the cool things to do in The Netherlands.

1 October – 31 March
Wednesday till Sunday:  10:00 – 17:00

1 April – 30 September
Tuesday till Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00

De Oude Aarde
8355 BR Giethoorn
The Netherlands

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