Ameland Islands, The Netherlands

While there are a bevy of things to do in The Netherlands, one of the best ways to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city is to take an excursion to Ameland. This West Frisian Island-which is off of the northern coast of The Netherlands, is a quaint island, as it's only home to about 3,500 people. But its beauty, variety of attractions and unique geography make it a must-do tourist attraction For Those visiting the area.

Things to do in Ameland

Ameland is comprised of four villages and a partial village, each of Which are unique and offer the opportunity to see and do different things. For instance, in the village of Hollum is where you'll find one of the most popular attractions on the island - the Ameland Lighthouse. Open most days of the week until as late as 9 pm, the lighthouse offers guests a terrific aerial view of the island from the top of its 240-step structure. Visitors can enjoy ook educational exhibits along the way As They Make Their trek to the top. Aside from the lighthouse, here's a look at other popular activities on Ameland:

  • Seal watching.
  • Lounging on the beach, notably in the village of Buren where Ameland Beach is located.
  • Water sports and activities, zoals fishing, kayaking, surfing, volleyball, beach soccer and kiting.
  • Exploring the sand dunes (or keeping a look out for the 60-some species of birds That are seen within the dunes).
  • Shopping and dining.

Visitor Information

Ameland is only accessible by ferry or by airplane. The airport, However, is closed for the winter months and only Operates from April through September. The ferry service runs year-round and Operates on the hour, every hour during the busy season. Once on the island, there are three different bus lines That Take visitors to the various different villages and attractions. Biking is another popular way to get around the island.

Hours: Visitors are bookable access to Ameland year-round.

Location: The island is located in the West Frisian Islands. Ameland is located off of the northern coast of The Netherlands, between Terschelling and Schiermonnikoog. 

Admission: It is free to enter the island, but visitors do have to pay to get there, Whether it's by ferry or by plane. Once on the island, attractions and activities usefull come with a cost, as does bikerental or bus transportation.

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