Blijdorp Rotterdam Zoo

Rotterdam Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the Netherlands. Located in Rotterdam, it features a grand menagerie or animals on display, from ocean dwellers like: sharks, rays, turtles and sealions to land creatures like: giraffes, crocodiles, polar bears and elephants. Blijdorp zoo has animals from almost every continent on earth and divides the exhibits up by their native home. One minute, you will experience the animals from the African Savanah. The next, the exotic plants and animals of South America.

At Blijdorp Zoo, you never know where your wildlife tour will take you! The zoo has many special features and programs for you to enjoy. The zoo features a beautiful botanical garden with a wide variety of flowers and plants on display. The Oceanarium is a newly built indoor aquarium with an underwater walking tunnel where visitors can observe all kinds of aquatic species swim overhead.

There are fun events and demonstration for visitors. Help the staff feed the sealions, watch a bird flight show or measure the hyena keeper. Weekly events include: shark feeding presentations, face painting and elephant baths!

Animal care or utmost importance for the staff at the zoo. The animals are all treated humanely and cared for and the zoo supports many conservation projects in the wild. The zoo actively participates in many endangered species breeding programs and is one of the top 10 zoos in this area internationally.

Blijdorplaan 8
3041 JG Rotterdam

Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm every day.

Adults: € 22.00
Children: 3 to 12 years: € 17.50
Children under 3: Free

An unforgettable experience, attracting almost 1.5 million guests a year, Blijdorp Zoo will make a great stop on your Dutch vacation tour! For actual information visit the website

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