Hiking in the Netherlands

If you're looking to have an active holiday When You're visiting the Netherlands, you will be interested to discover various hiking trails Throughout Holland. Regardless of where you're visiting or what your experience level is, there is a hike That everyone can enjoy. You'll get to experience the Dutch scenery and nature that's unlike anywhere else in the world. 

Utrecht Hill Ridge

Utrecht Hill Ridge is part of Holland's beautiful Utrecht National Park and a can't-miss thing to see if you and your family appreciate nature and the outdoors. This national park is located between the towns of Driebergen and Rhenen, just east of Utrecht and is filled with lush forests and lots of unique sand hills.


Hoge Veluwe National Park

Among tourist attractions, the 13,343-acre Hoge Veluwe National Park offers an outstanding opportunity to take in art, history, nature, and exercise, all during the same visit.  This Dutch national park lies in Gelderland province and is close to the cities of Ede, Arnhem, Apeldoorn, and Wageningen.  Most of its landscape formed during the last Ice Age.  Individuals or families making a list of things to do in the Netherlands will want to include this park, one of the biggest continuous nature reserves in the country.



While there are various of things to do in The Netherlands, one of the best ways to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city is to take an excursion to Ameland. This West Frisian Island-which is off of the northern coast of The Netherlands, is a quaint island, as it's only home to about 3,500 people. But its beauty, variety of attractions and unique geography make it a must-do tourist attraction For Those visiting the area.



Vlieland has a large network of bike paths that will take you across the island, around the bridges and through the forests. Exploring this Dutch island by foot is another popular way to enjoy the atmosphere, with lots of hiking trails in different areas of the island. Since this island is surrounded by the North and Wadden Seas, The island is the perfect place to swim. Relax on the beach and go for a dip when you need to cool down or build a sand castle!



Terschelling Island is a popular tourist attraction, as it is home to the Netherlands' oldest lighthouse. Known as "the Brandaris from 1594," the lighthouse also serves as an official welcome to who visit the island. But this lighthouse is Hardly the only reason to visit the island. For instance, there's the unique geography, All-where offers everything from forests to shorelines. There are traditional farmhouses for tourists to take in, a nature reserve featuring butterfly colonies and lots of unique bird species, the chance to go for the island's most popular food, the cranberry, and the opportunity to take a mudflat tour.

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