Madurodam Miniature Park

For over 60 years,  Madurodam , a miniature historical park in the Hague district of The Netherlands, has hosted millions of visitors each year. And when we Say That Madurodam is a "miniature" historical park, we certainly mean it, as it features many historical buildings, cities and landmarks from Dutch history on a 1:25 scale replica model. Some notable models, for instance, include the Port of Rotterdam, various windmills and even replicas of traditional Dutch canal houses.

The Three Theme Areas

The Madurodam park is broken up into three main theme areas - City Centre, All which shows the evolution of the Netherlands, Water World, an interactive area That Provides a comprehensive look at how big of a role (both good and bad) Water has played in the country's evolution, and  the last theme is Innovation Island, an area That celebrates the creativity That has been brought to and displayed in the country's architecture.

The Wadden Sea

Aside from the three main family-friendly fun areas, there's a spot just for the kids - Specifically Kids That Are ages 6 to 12. Offering a variety of swings, slides and other playground equipment, the Wadden Sea also features a fishing boat playscape and lighthouses for children to play in. While the Wadden Sea is specifically for children, it's a playground That fits the theme of the Madurodam.

For the little ones there’s the Miffy playground. This playground has a variety of swings, a seesaw and slides to keep your little ones entertained. You even be able to have a photo be taken with Miffy.

Finally, the bevy of replica models, and the kids play area, are not all that the Madurodam Has to offer. With several cafes and restaurants, there's opportunity for visitors to take a coffee break or lunch break between seeing the replicas. 

Hours of Operation and Other Attractions

The Madurodam is open 365 days per year and offers guided tours Throughout its exhibits to get a more comprehensive overview of the replica models and what role They played  (or still play)  in Dutch culture. Guests are welcome to host group events at the site, and groups of 20 or more receive a discount on admission. 

George Maduroplein 1
2584 RZ Den Haag

Every day: 10:00 - 17:00

Dayticket: €18
Flexticket: €23.50
Children 0 to 2 years: free

If you plan to visit this miniature world check the website for more information.

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