Noordwijk Beach

In the western part of The Netherlands lies a popular fishing village, Noordwijk. And while Noordwijk is known for being friendly and hospitable, it's usefull. Well known for its 13 kilometers of coastline on the North Sea, a trait That HAS Helped transform it into a popular beach town. In fact, the beach has become Noordwijk's top attraction, and HAS BEEN is overgrown to include a variety of restaurants, hotels and nightlife entertainment. Aside from the beach, Noordwijk is also well-known for its Space Expo exhibition space, and it is in the spring.

Beach Activities

It is easy to see why the beach has become the most popular attraction in Noordwijk, as there are a bevy of activities. These include:
  • Surfing
  • Kayaking
  • rafting
  • Parasailing
  • Swimming

All beaches in Noordwijk are usefull dog-friendly, so their furry friends are enjoying their time in the sand or water. Noordwijk also offers two nudist beaches.
Additionally, as we Mentioned Earlier, Noordwijk hosts about 1 million overnight guests per year in the many hotels and lodging that have been overdeveloped along the beach. A variety of shopping, dining and entertainment is also available. Throughout the city. Noordwijk is the best time to visit during the summer months.


The town of Noordwijk is easy to get and there is plenty of parking along the beach.It is only about 30 miles from Amsterdam and the Rotterdam Airport, and less than 20 miles from The Hague. Also, the train station and train station is close to the area. A bus network also Operates around Noordwijk to make it easy for tourists to get from one place to the next.

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