Things to Do in Staphorst, The Netherlands

When you're looking for things to do in the Netherlands and decide you want to see an authentic Dutch village, the town of Staphorst is perfect for you. This cobblestoned, strict-Calvinist village is located in the east of the Netherlands and finds many of its residents wearing local Dutch costumes and possesses a deep history. The town of Staphorst is unlike many other tourist attractions but makes for a great day trip thatwill let you experience true Dutch culture and history. Founded in the 13th century, Staphorst is a seven mile long village Whose farms are all build along a long road-which runs through a bog area. This is an excellent example of ribbon development (ribbon urbanization), a historic settlement That practice was popular before roads were built. This type of village is common in the Netherlands and is unlike anything you will see in North America, since North America has so recently settled - Compared to Holland and the rest of Europe!

Must-Visit Spots in Staphorst

  • Staphorst Museum - this museum is inside of an authentic former farmhouse and gives lots of great information about the town's religious history, culture and local costume. 
  • Rouveen Specialty Cheeses - Rouveen is the neigbouring town of Staphorst and Also has a part in the regions' long history of dairy farming. You can not visit this part of the Netherlands without sampling some delicious cheese!
  • Farmhouses - Whether you walk or drive up the main street of Staphorst, you'll get to experience the pristine farmhouses that'll make up the village. 
  • Roel Farmhouse - If you're looking for authentic Dutch souvenirs, this is the place to visit. You'll find traditional Dutch painted ware and other souvenirs without the high prices That must have tourist attractions.
  • Restaurant de Molenmeester - Enjoy upscale, authentic Dutch cuisine at this Michelin-recommended restaurant. Using high quality Dutch produce, the menu here speaks to craftsmanship and simple luxury.
Staphorst House   Staphorst Women

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