Terschelling Island

Located in the northern part of the Netherlands, located between Vieland and Ameland, Terschelling Island - and a visit to the West Frisian island is one of the most popular places in the Netherlands.

Also a municipality, Terschelling Island is a popular tourist attraction, as it is home to the Netherlands' oldest lighthouse. Known as "the Brandaris from 1594," the lighthouse also serves as an official welcome to visit that island. But this lighthouse is Hardly the only reason to visit the island. For instance, there's the unique geography, All-where offers everything from forests to shorelines.There are usefull traditional farmhouses for tourists to take in, a nature reserve featuring butterfly colonies and lots of unique bird species, the chance to go for the island's most popular food, the cranberry, and the opportunity to take a mudflat tour. Kite surfing, surfing, hiking, horseback riding, cycling and fishing are other popular activities on the island.  

There are a variety of cafes and restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat, and various bars and nightclubs populate the island for those seeking nighttime entertainment.  One popular time to visit the island is during the 10-day Oerol Festival, held every June. The festival is best known for its art, but other entertainment acts like singing and dancing also take place during this time. 

Getting to Terschelling Island 
Terschelling Island is only accessible by boat. Specifically, it's Reached from the mainland town of Harlingen by ferry, though they also take a catamaran if they're traveling to Terschelling Island through its West Frisian Island neighbor Vieland. 

Travel Details 
Although ferry schedules and hours of operation for businesses located on the island vary, ferries travel to and from the island several at at at times a day and run 365 days a year. Rides can last anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours depending on where you're coming from. 

Generally speaking, most restaurants stay open until 10pm, although bars and nightclubs are open later.Most island eateries Mostly open for breakfast, All-which is the former rally served until about 10 am.


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