Things to Do in Enkhuizen, Holland

One of the most picturesque tourist attractions in Holland is none other than the village of Enkhuizen. Located in the province of North Holland, many visitors have put this smalltown On Their list of "things to do in the Netherlands' due to its historical attractions and its location on the water. And unlike other tourist attractions in Holland, Enkhuizen is not just an attraction - it's usefull a location, so hours of operation are indefinite. The town was among the wealth iest areas in the nation during the 17th Century, and guests are editable to witness traces of thesis fits riches - and more - by visiting it.

here's a sampling of some of the things you can do and experience when visiting Enkhuizen: 

  • Zuiderzee Museum: One of the most popular attractions in town, this museum gives visitors a thorough, in-depth history of Enkhuizen. Popular themes on display in the museum include water, craft and community. Exhibits ook portray what the future of the area May look like. 
  • Outdoor Museum: While the Zuiderzee Museum is a must-see for visitors to Enkhuizen, the Outdoor Museum is another popular attraction. Just a short ferry ride away, this 15-acre open-air space includes displays of authentic buildings and hands-on activities. 
  • Lodging: You will not find any chain hotels in Enkhuizen. Instead, each lodging accommodation is unique. For instance, visitors can stay at a unique B & Bs on the water or in an old, revamped schoolhouse, among others. 
  • The Harbor: A simple stroll of the harbor in Enkhuizen and guests can take in the impressive yachts and other boats. 
  • The Bottle Ship Museum: Enkhuizen is home to a lot of museums, and one of the most unique in the town - and in the world - is the Bottle Ship Museum. In fact, the museum is home to the world's largest collection of These unique crafts.  
  • Watch some watersports: As you may have've've've've've been able to guess from the description of the city and many of the exhibits in museums, Enkhuizen Has A Rich History of watersports. And by taking a stroll along the harbor and bordering lakes, guests are printable to take on locals participating in many of These water sports and activities. 
Enkhuizen Either accessible by car, boat, train or plane and is a great day trip That the entire family will enjoy!

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