Island of Vlieland

Vlieland is one of Netherland's five Wadden Islands that are located just north of the main land. These islands are important for bird-breeding and have come to serve as a vacation destination and popular thing to do in the Netherlands for nature-lovers across Europe.

Vlieland is the perfect tourist attraction in the Netherlands, especially if you are traveling with your family. The atmosphere in Vlieland is family-oriented and there are lots of fun things for you do while you visit the island. In order to get to Vlieland, you must travel by ferry, which takes about 1.5 hours. Once you're in Vlieland, you can get to your next destination by taxi, bus or by rented bike.

Island of Vlieland in the NetherlandsHiking in Vlieland in Holland

When you're in Vlieland, you'll find that there aren't many cars, giving it a very peaceful atmosphere. Vlieland actually has a higher ratio of sunny days than the rest of the Netherlands and this is what makes it so enjoyable to spend so much time outside here. There are 20km of beautiful, sandy beaches dotted with sand dunes and evergreen forests. Because of the island's varied flora and fauna, the diverse birdlife is highly sought after by birdwatchers in the Netherlands and abroad.

Vlieland has a large network of bike paths that will take you through the island, around the bridges and through the forests. Exploring this Dutch island by foot is another popular was to enjoy the atmosphere, with lots of hiking trails in different areas of the island. Since this island is surrounded by the North and Wadden Seas, Vlieland is the perfect place to swim. Relax on the beach and go for a dip when you need to cool down or build a sand castle!

There are many places to stay if you want to relax and enjoy the scene for a day or two. Vlieland boasts over 15 hotels, two campgrounds and several hundred apartments and holiday homes. There are plenty of shops and restaurants for you to enjoy during your stay and you'll be happy you visited the unique island. There's even a movie theatre and museum on the island! If you would like to visit more of the Wadden Islands after you've experienced Vlieland, there are different boat and ferry options available. 

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