The image of a traditional windmill has become almost synonymous with Holland and no visit to our stunning country would be complete without visiting one. Windmills are so popular in The Netherlands because of our flat landscape which makes it easy to channel wind to mill, saw, pump and press different materials efficiently.

Take in the windmill park at Zaanse Schans or visit five of the world's largest windmills in Schiedam. Even if you don't go searching for one, you be sure to run into one of them because throughout the entirety of the Netherlands there are around 1048 windmills!

Soest Windmill

but one of the most iconic is the Windhond windmill located in Soest. Though it’s not the original Windhond windmill - that one was demolished in 1930. The rebuilt mill is located about a kilometer away from its original site, and made ​​its debut in 2008, after about a two-year construction process. 

Zaanse Schans 

A sightseeing tour of the windmills is a must do for tourists visiting the Netherlands. Zaanse Schans is a traditional Dutch village offering views of traditional windmills, architecture and more. With so many local activities such as chocolate and cheese making, clog-making and more, it's a great place to discover the traditional Dutch experience.

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