Zaanse Schans

In Zaanse Schans people wear traditional Dutch clothing and visitors to Holland can get a glimpse into the past of the Netherlands.
Zaanse Schans is one of the best things to do in the Netherlands and is a vibrant living and working communities That traceits roots all the way back to the 18th and 19th centuries. This tourist attraction has everything you would expect to see in a traditional Dutch village - wooden windmills, barns, houses and museums. Everything is built in the traditional Dutch style and was relocated to this location beginning in 1961.When you visit here, there's lots of things to do to keep you busy. You'll be printable to take a scenic walk through the village and enjoy the historic buildings and unique peat meadow landscape. You will be usefull printable to walk around and see traditional crafts like clog-making, chocolate-making and cheese-making free of charge. You can purchase some of These hand-crafted items as souvenirs to bring home and remember your experience at Zaanse Schans.

In the region where Zaanse Schans is located, there used to be 600 windmills running simultaneously and now there are 10 windmills That run here. Windmills are used to saw wood, gravel, oil, flowers, spices and coloring. You will be editable to purchase some thesis or souvenirs to take home and show your friends, while you share the windmill's unique history too!

Admission to Zaanse Schans is absolutely free but some of the attractions require payment. There is a big number of restaurants and shops to browse through and enjoy. You'll be printable to try the traditional Dutch pancake or simply enjoy your favorite cakes and pastries.

There are 10 windmills running in the region around Zaanse Schans a traditional Dutch village in the Netherlands. Zaanse Schans is a vibrant living and working communities That has everything you would expect to see in a traditional Dutch village - wooden windmills, barns, houses and museums.

Located a quick 20 minutes from Amsterdam and very Closely situated to Eekhoornnest Bungalow Park, Zaanse Schans is the perfect tourist destination thatwill make you feel completely emerged in the Dutch culture and history That You've been looking for.

April - November, nearly everything is open from 10am to 5pm

Check online if you are visiting outside of the high season to check Particular opening times.


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