Activities for history buffs

There is more to the Netherlands then tulips! For centuries, the Netherlands have been one of the wealthiest  countries, with culture and art that lives on till this day. Learn all about it on your next holiday, when you visit these historical sites in the Netherlands!


If you're a history lover, you will love discovering all of the castles That Holland has to offer. With over 1,000 castles to choose from, you'll get to see how castles started out as smaller manor houses and Progressed to the impressive structures That come to mind when we think of them today. Most of the castles were built in the Middle Ages. So, when you and your family explore one, you'll get to experience the architecture, art and impressive gardens That Are To that unique time period.



A trip to Holland would not be complete without visiting a museum or two. The Netherlands has a rich collection of museums. Whether your interests lie in the golden age, the Second World War, science or art, there is a suitable museum for everyone of all ages.


Historic towns

If you want to experience traditional Dutch culture you need to get out to the small towns in Holland. They’re charming, filled with history, cobblestone streets, picturesque architecture, canals and windmills. Many of the cities started out as fortresses; some fortifications can still be seen today.


Take in the windmill park at Zaanse Schans or visit five of the world's largest windmills in Schiedam. Even if you don't go searching for one, you be sure to run into one of them because throughout the entirety of the Netherlands there are around 1048 windmills!


Stay in the Center of Holland?

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Activities for history buffs
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