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Referring to the Venice of Holland, Giethoorn is located in a beautiful area of ​​the Netherlands called the Weerribben. Giethoorn is a traditional Dutch town house that was formerly only accessible by boat. It has about 180 bridges and 2620 for its residents. It was founded in 1230 by Mediterranean refugees and its origins are tied to the very peat.



When you're looking for things to do in the Netherlands and decide you want to see an authentic Dutch village, the town of Staphorst is perfect for you. This cobblestoned, strict-Calvinist village is located in the east of the Netherlands and finds many of its residents wearing local traditional costumes and possesses a deep history. 




A visit to Spakenburg is like taking a step back in time. Not only does the small village, located in the north of Bunschoten, consist of farms, rural land and fishing harbors, but it's one of the few places left in the country where women will still wear local traditional clothing.



One of the most picturesque tourist attractions in Holland is none other than the village of Enkhuizen. Located in the province of North Holland, many visitors have put this smalltown On Their list of  "things to do in the Netherlands' due to its historical attractions and its location on the water.

Noordwijk beach

In the western part of The Netherlands lies a popular fishing village, Noordwijk. And while Noordwijk is known for being friendly and hospitable, it's also well known for its 13 kilometers of coastline on the North Sea, a trait That has Helped transform it into a popular beach town.



Meppel is a city in the Netherlands that is contemporary yet filled with lots of historical architecture from the past. A day trip to Meppel is really worth it! There’s a variety of things to do and its enjoyable for the whole family. 



Zwolle is well known as a historic Hanseatic city, but it also has a modern dynamic. here are ample opportunities for great shopping, as well as wining and dining in Zwolle. The star-shaped city canal with green parks are very inviting, so don’t forget to go for a walk or take a boat tour.



Zundert has a lot to offer, the town is the birthplace of Vincent van Gogh and you will find a lot of traces from his childhood. Zundert also has one of the biggest flower parades of the Netherlands. What you also will find in this beautiful town is local produced beer and strawberries.


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