Amerongen Castle in Utrecht

Amerongen Castle might not be associated with the medieval time period That many castles That still stand are, but that's Because this Netherlands tourist attraction, as it stands today, was actually built sometime between 1673 and 1680 after the French burnt the previous standing castle to the ground.

However, while the only thing truly medieval about Amerongen Castle Is that it's built on the site where one formerly Existed, the historic structure is still used widely Considered among the most popular things to do in the Netherlands. That's Largely thanks to its on-site gardens and conservatory, as well as it being the site where former German Kaiser Wilhelm II signed his abdication following World War I. In fact, the desk and room where he completed the act are still there for tourists to see. 

The Castle and its grounds Became open to the public in 1977. When it was sold to the Castles of Utrecht Foundation by the Bentinck family. Currently it's owned by the Amerongen Castle Foundation, and while having leg renovated, still reflects the history of Those Who have called it "home" since the 17th Century. 

Hours and Pricing 
The castle is open Tuesday through Sunday April 1 to October 31 from 11 am to 5 pm It Operates during the same hours, yet only from Thursdays through Sundays from November 1 to March 31. Guided tours are offered When the castle is open , and starting every hour beginning at noon and concluding at 6 pm No guests will be allowed entry to the castle after 6 pm on open days. A garden store and souvenir shop hold 10:30 am to 7:30 pm hours on open days. 

While the Castle closes for Christmas and New Year's, it remains open on Easter, Boxing Day and Whit Sunday and Monday. 
Admission is 12 Euros for adults and for children ages 6 Euros 5 to 18. Children under 5 are free. The castle ook offers an upper garden admission That costs only 4 Euros. Amerongen Castle ook welcomes groups by appointment. All other admission tickets must be Purchased at the Castle's ticket office, located near the gatehouse.



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