Getting Around in Holland

Holland is a rather small country, making it easy to travel from one end of the country to the other in a reasonable time. When planning your Holland vacation, there are multiple forms of transportation you can consider. Whether you plan on taking advantage of Holland’s advanced public transportation services or touring the Netherlands on your own by car.  Amsterdam boasts some of the most integrated and advanced public transportation, meaning tourists and locals alike can easily travel around the region.  

Travelling Around Holland by Car 

Holland’s roadways are well developed, maintained and they are connected to the many small towns and large cities throughout the Netherlands. Travelling by car is easy for both locals and tourists as signage is clear and easy to understand. 


There are many parking options available throughout Holland and they're indicated with easy to locate signage.  Parking is typically paid by debit, credit and cash.  

Short Travel Time 

Because Holland is a smaller country, you can get to most of the top tourist locations in under an hour. Making Amsterdam a great tourist destination to explore by car.   

Speed limits

In the Netherlands, speeds are monitored using speed control systems. Be sure to watch your speed as you are travelling, as maximum speeds vary between 100 – 130km/ hour. In cities and villages, the speed limit is lowered to 30 – 50 km/ hour.  

Holland Public Transportation 

Holland boasts some of the most advanced public transportation around. Their system makes it easy for locals and tourists alike to travel and explore the region using the many easy to navigate public transportation options available.  

Travelling Holland by Train 

The train systems throughout Holland are comfortable, reasonably priced, modern and operate regularly – sometimes six times an hour for popular destinations. Trains are bike-friendly, meaning you can rent a bike and head to a beautiful location outside of the city for a leisurely ride. High-speed trains are also frequently available in Amsterdam, Schiphol, Rotterdam and Breda, allowing you to travel to outside destinations quickly. Keep in mind, that trains systems for certain areas shut down between midnight and 6am, so be sure to check schedules while planning a late-night getaway.  

Travelling Holland by Tram 

Amsterdam is home to one of the best tram lines in the world – it's also a great way to get some sightseeing in while travelling from one destination to the next. The tram allows you to jump on and off at various stops throughout Holland and connections between tram lines are quick and convenient. Scheduled between 6am and midnight daily – be sure to check daily schedules before planning your trip around town.  

Travelling Holland by Metro 

Considered a faster alternative to the popular tram – the metro service is an affordable way to get around Holland.  You can also easily get to and from the main train stations, The Hague Central Station.  

Travelling Holland by Bus 

The bus services are vast and allow you to easily get to almost any location in Holland quickly and at a reasonable price. Whether it be in the larger cities like Amsterdam or to more rural towns, there is undoubtedly a bus route to take you to your destination.  

Travelling Holland by Ferry 

As Holland includes many beautiful waterways and canals, a great way to get around and see the Netherlands is by water-taxi or ferry.  

The Amsterdam ferry is a free service that allows you to explore the IJ River and includes many local stops along the way.  

The waterbus is a paid service, but a great way to travel between Rotterdam and Dordrecht that allows you to bring bikes along as well.  

Water taxis are common around Rotterdam, and there are over 50 stops to choose from. Their informative tourist department can provide some great insights to planning the perfect tour by water-taxi. 

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