Beautiful Dutch cities to visit

Regardless of where you are in Holland, you're never far from an exciting new adventure. Most places in Holland are easily accessible by car and different towns are less than an hour apart. This will let you make the most out of your time. When You Come to visit us!


From its canals to its history and to everything else there is to see and do, Amsterdam is largely recognized as one of the world's greatest small cities. Located in the western part of The Netherlands in the province of North Holland, the city has a romantic cultural atmosphere. 



Often called the New Amsterdam, Utrecht Has become a major Dutch tourist attraction. Its European flare appeals to everyone: history buffs, museum hounds, shoppers, architectural lovers and cyclists. Best of all, it's easy to get to for those traveling both internationally and those already in the Netherlands. 


Scheveningen Beach 

You won't want to miss Scheveningen, Holland's most famous seaside resort. With stunning views in every direction, there is something that everyone in your entire family will enjoy. Scheveningen has lots of different attractions and beach pavilions on its boulevard.



Rotterdam is a must-see city with lots of attractions, monuments and architectural highlights to look out for. When you visit Rotterdam you will notice that the city mostly exists out of impressive modern architecture this is because a lot of the historic buildings were lost in the bombing that happened during World War II.


The Hague

Whether you  like shopping, the beach or history The Hague has it all. The city Centre is only a 15 minute ride away from the beautiful Scheveningen Beach. This city is the political heart of the Netherlands, the Dutch parliament is located in the Centre and during a tour, you can take a look inside the House of Representatives and the Hall of the Knights.



If you love cheese, you're certainly familiar with Gouda. But Did you know that the cheese is named after the historic city of Gouda, located in South Holland and with a population of about 70,000? The city is known for much more than just their cheese. Gouda is also well known for its fine candle production, clay pipe production and delicious waffles.



Haarlem with its many historic buildings and beautiful old squares lies near the beach on the banks of the Spaarne river. It is wonderful to stroll through the narrow streets lined by the monumental buildings built by master Lieven de Key. Visit extraordinary museums and explore its countless cafés and restaurants.



Stay in the Center of Holland?

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