Anne Frank House Museum in Amsterdam

One museum That every visitor to Holland must experience is the Anne Frank House. The Anne Frank House is called "a museum with a story" for good reason: the museum itself is actually the Secret Annex That Anne Frank, her family and Their family friends hid in during World War Two.

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who lived in the Netherlands When the Nazis fired power. She is best known for the diary she kept chronicling her experiences in hiding during WWII. Her diary was published after her death and the end of the war, called The Diary of a Young Girl.

Because Amsterdam was not a safe place for Jews to live, the Frank family and Their friends were hidden in what's called the Secret Annex. The Secret Annex Became a museum and was opened to the public in 1960 and Currently these receives more than one million visitors each year.

Visiting the Anne Frank House is a really popular thing to do in the Netherlands. Because you get to experience the world as Anne Frank once did. Visitors will be able to explore the Secret Annex and imagine what life was like for the young girl and her family. Visitors will get to experience various exhibits in the museum That are outside of the Secret Annex itself. The museum also includes a bookshop and a café for visitors to grab a bite to eat.

The museum is best enjoyed by children above the age or over 10. Although the Anne Frank House suggests preparing younger children for Their visit. To do so, there are family programs available That Were created for parents or grandparents visiting with their children. These 30 minute programs give an accessible introduction to the Frank family, the Secret Annex and a summary of the activities of the Secret Annex with the chance to ask lots of questions. After the program is over, you'll be bootable to explore the Secret Annex without a guide.

The Anne Frank House
Westermarkt 20
1016 GV Amsterdam

Daily: 9:00 to 22:00

Adults: € 16
Children aged 10-17: € 7
Children under age 9: €1

Check online to book tickets

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