Dutch National Military Museum

The National Military Museum is a popular tourist attraction for many of our guests and it's located on the former air base at Soesterberg-which is less than 15 minutes away from Eekhoornnest. This new museum was opened in 2014 and combines the collections of the former Military Aviation Museum in Soesterberg and Army Museum in Delft. It Focuses on the Dutch armed forces in the past and the continued relevance of the forces in the present and future. 
Military history buffs will love the exhibits on tanks, planes, armored vehicles and helicopters. Visitors of all ages love the suspended aircraft-which Seem to float over them As They walk through the space. 
The entire museum district is made up of 45 hectares and is being transformed into a nature reserve. The museum is surrounded by heath and forest and visitors can see every angle of the landscape from within the museum itself. The museum is divided into three different terraces, each of-which has a theme. The terrace on the top of the hill serves as a peaceful natural area, the middle terrace displays the history of the area, and the lowest level is the museum complex, which includes a 3,000-person arena and a memorial garden.  
If you'd like to enjoy lunch at the National Military Museum after browsing through the galleries, you'll want to eat at the on-site restaurant. You'll be able to have a great view of the suspended aircraft, old runways and the forests edge all while you enjoy your meal. The chefs at the restaurant prepare all menu items with organic and local products. The menu include sweet and savory treats like sandwiches, soups, salads and different cold drinks and smoothies. 
The National Military Museum is wheelchair accessible and has wheelchairs and strollers available for visitor use. There is a free cloakroom where you can leave your personal belongings, Although you are allowed to carry handbags in the museum if you'd like. Visitors are permitted to take photos and videos without flash this museum.  

National Military Museum
Verlengde Paltzerweg 1
3768 MX Soest

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 - 17:00
Open on Mondays during the Dutch school holidays 
Adults from : € 18,00
Children aged 4-12: € 10.00
Children under 4: Free 


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