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Any successful trip requires extensive planning and research into all the things to see and do in The Netherlands, as well as the resources that are available locally. We’ve compiled resources to help you plan your Holland vacation and understand the services and utilities available. This will facilitate your planning and ensure that you’re as prepared as possible to explore The Netherlands.  

Location of Tourist Information Offices 

Official Tourist Informational the Amsterdam Schipol Airport  

Holland Tourist Information located within the airport at Arrivals Hall 2  
Open daily from 7am – 10pm.

Official Visitor Information Centre VVV at the Central Station  

Zoord-Zuid Hollandsch Koffiehuis 
Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm; Sunday 9am – 4am 

Tourist Information by Phone 

Netherlands: 020 702 60 00 
Abroad: +31 20 702 60 00 
Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm 

Tourist Information Touch-Screens 

Interactive touch-screens are available throughout the Netherlands, located in: 
  • The Stadsschouwburg Theater Box Office 
  • Leidlein 26 
  • Inntel Hotels 
  • Broke in Water land, Church at Kropelin 13 
  • Outspan, Het Twisted recreational area 
  • Althorn, Bookshop located in Backhanded Van Hilton, Wilhelmina ken 41-43 
  • Zaandam, located at the Inntel Hotel 


Holland is a tourist-friendly location, offering an extensive selection of accommodations throughout the Netherlands. High-end, as well as cost-effective options are available, making it easy for everyone to find the right accommodations anywhere in Holland. Whether it be hotels, hostels, or bungalow parks, there’s something for every traveller.  

General Weather & Climate Information 

Due to its location, the Netherlands is affected by the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, resulting in a temperate marine climate. In Holland, they generally experience cooler summers and more moderate winter conditions.  

Summer in Holland 

Summers in the Netherlands are cooler and dry, generally between 17 °C and 20 °C. Due to the frequent rain, it is recommended to be prepared for the conditions by wearing layers and having an umbrella handy.  

Winters in Holland 

Winters in the Netherland are significantly cooler and the temperate frequently drops below zero. The average daytime temperature during the winter can be between 2 °C and 6 °C. As they are a smaller country on flat land, the winters can be quite windy at times.  



Homes in the Netherlands typically use natural gas for their central heating facilities in the winter. They also use Gas hookups on their stoves for cooking purposes.   


Outlets in the Netherlands are 230 volts, it is recommended that travellers bring with them a convertible power adapter as well as the two-prong plugs with grounding contacts on the side.  


Tap water in Holland is generally safe for consumption unless specifically indicated. The tap water is of exceptional quality and is safely consumed by locals and tourists alike.  


In the Netherlands, they use the Euro as their form of currency. There are many options of denominations available in terms of Euro coins and bills.  

Phone, Postal & Internet  


Public Phones: 

There are public phone options available throughout the Netherlands. Many of the public phones require that a pre-pay card be purchased from local newsstands or post offices. Public phones that are located within close proximity to rail stations require a separate pre-paid card only available directly from railway stations.  

Mobile Phones:  

There is a high rate of mobile phone usage is the Netherlands and the mobile internet options are of great quality. Be advised that the use of mobile phones while driving is illegal in Holland.  


High-speed internet is available throughout Holland.  Most coffee shops, restaurants and even public transportation offer free Wi-Fi, however, connection can be limited if there is high use in the area. Also, these local Wi-Fi hotspots do not always offer a secure internet connection.  

Postal Services 

Most of the postal services in Holland are open Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. These shops offer a variety of postal services and stationery items. The mailboxes are typically red or orange and allow the sender to specify if the item is to be sent locally or further destinations. Post boxes are emptied regularly during weekdays and the turn-around time for deliveries within the Netherlands are quite quick, sometimes the next business day.    

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