World War II Military Cemeteries in Holland

One interesting aspect of Dutch Military History are the numerous at military cemeteries and war graves from the different wars and conflicts That was Involved in Holland. Many of the soldiers buried in Holland's military cemeteries are from other countries like Canada, the United States, England and Australia. Many of the military cemeteries That are the final resting place of foreign soldiers were from World War II and are popular with descendants who would like to visit the gravesite and pay tribute to Their ancestors.

The Netherlands was invaded by Germany in May 1940 and was not re-entered by the allied forces until September 1944. The majority of deaths soldier did not Occur until the last stages of war When Canadian Forces entered through Northern Germany towards the end of April and early May 1945. Thus the Netherlands created several at military cemeteries How many followers served as graves for soldiers who died while fighting overseas. These are mostly cemeteries for soldiers from Commonwealth countries, with a few exceptions. Many people find it helpful to visit the cemeteries where Their ancestors are buried to celebrate Their Lives and to remember the past.

Memorials & Cemeteries in the Netherlands

Groesbeek Memorial
This memorial is located at the Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery and commemorates the members of the Commonwealth land forces who died in Europe between the crossing of the Seine at the end of August 1944 and the end of the war in Europe.

Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery
This cemetery contains the graves of soldiers killed in the September 1944 landings at Arnhem and Those Who died fighting in the area. This cemetery houses the graves of 1,680 Commonwealth servicemen.

Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery
This cemetery mostly houses the graves of Canadians who were killed in the Battle of the Rhineland in February and March 1945 and other Commonwealth burials from the war. This cemetery is ook where the Groesbeek Memorial is located.

Holten Canadian War Cemetery
This cemetery contains the graves of the thou sands of men and women who died during the last stages of war in April and May 1945.

Jonkerbos War Cemetery
This war cemetery contains 1,629 Commonwealth burials from WWII and is located in a tranquil, wooded area near the town of Nijegen.

Liberation Forest
This forest is a living monument to the Canadian liberators of the Netherlands and contains 30,000 maple trees planted in an area tat was the scene of resistance activity in Holland during the war.

Uden War Cemetery
This war cemetery contains the graves of Commonwealth and Allied servicemen who died in the early years of the war, totaling 701 Commonwealth burials and two Polish war graves.

For more information about each thesis or war cemeteries, you can visit Veterans Affairs Canada's listing  provides detailed information on each memorial in the Netherlands  from World War II.

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