Flower Parade in Holland

Each year, the Flower Parade known as Bloemencorso takes place in Holland. A celebration of spring, this festival draws in crowds from all across the Netherlands and even worldwide. This year, the Flower Parade will be taking place from Friday through Sunday, the 22nd of April through the 24th.

The Flower Parade

The main highlight of the entire event is the actual flower parade, which features numerous floats adorned in beautiful, brightly colored spring flowers. The parade itself travels all the way from the streets of Noordwijk to the city of Haarlem.

For those interested in getting an up-close view of the intricate parade floats, there is a preview available on Friday in the town center of Noordwijkerhout. Here, people can gather and see the floats on display before they hit the streets. During this time, there are also some special celebrations, such as live music performances and other activities through the town center.

On Saturday, the floats actually leave the town center and begin gradually making their way through the town to the final destination. On Sunday, when the parade floats arrive in the city of Haarlem, there will be yet another opportunity for visitors to see the floats for themselves, as they'll be parked on display in front of the old city center.  

There is truly no better way to celebrate the arrival of spring here in Holland than to attend this parade. Not only will you see some beautiful and unique floats, but you'll also get to enjoy other live entertainment and special activities along the way. Whether you're planning a trip to the area or are looking for something new to experience this spring, visiting Holland during this annual flower parade is a great choice. And if you're looking for a place to stay while you're in the area that's comfortable and close to all the action of the parade, consider booking your accommodation with our bungalow park today. 

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