Top 10 Things to Do in Holland

Holland offers such a great selection of activities, it can sometimes be hard to decide where to start. Everything from sightseeing tours to castles, to museums, gardens and more, there is no shortage of activities available in and around the Netherlands. We've put together a list of our top 10 favourite things to do and see while visiting Holland. In this list, we share some hidden gems that are favoured by the locals as well as some of the most popular tourist destinations that you simply cannot miss during your visit.

Anne Frank1. Anne Frank House

A must-see when visiting Holland, the Anne Frank House is a cultural experience that can be explored by the whole family. The Anne Frank House is famously known as the house where Anne Frank, her family and friends hid from the Nazi's during WWII. The museum allows visitors to gain insight as to what Anne Frank and her family experienced, offering an array of informative exhibits throughout the museum.

Van Gough Museum2. Van Gogh Museum

No trip to Holland is complete without a stop at the world-famous Van Gough Museum. One of Netherlands most famous artists, Van Gogh is best known for his unique style and use of colours. Visitors can see Van Gogh's famous self-portraits as well as some of his most popular works such as Sunflowers, The Bedroom and Wheatfield's under Thunderclouds.

Heineken Experience 3. Heineken Experience

This tour is a must-see for beer-lovers and has quickly become one of the most popular tours in the Netherlands since it opened in 1991. This self-guided tour allows you to explore the world of Heineken through their interactive exhibits, tour of their historical brewing facilities and the beer sampling.

Amsterdam and Netherlands Canal Cruise4. Amsterdam & Netherlands Canal Cruise

The Netherlands is famously known for their beautiful canals and the picturesque towns, castles and historic buildings that surround them. During your stay, be sure to take part in a canal cruise and explore the waterways of Amsterdam and the Netherlands, a romantic way to see the sights.

Keukenhof Garden5. Keukenhof Garden

A popular tourist activity in Holland is visiting the world-famous tulip gardens. The Keukenhof Garden, is the best place to start, with a garden boasting over 800 varieties of tulips over 32 hectares of land. Visitors can explore beautifully manicured gardens, pathways and unique artwork.

Artis Zoo 6. Artis Zoo

The Artis Zoo makes the list of some of the best Zoos in the world. Centrally located in the heart of Amsterdam, it offers a variety of interactive exhibits and over 900 species of animals. The Artis Zoo includes an aquarium, a butterfly exhibit, planetarium and insectarium, so there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Hoge Veluwe National Park7. Hoge Veluwe National Park

Escape the city and explore the beautiful Hoge Veluwe National Park. Located in Gelderland, this 13,000-acre park is considered one of the largest nature reserves in the Netherlands. The park has an array of interesting wildlife and landscapes and can be toured independently or with a guided tour.

Holland Spring Flower Parade8. Holland Spring Flower Parade

This world-famous parade brings in tourists from across the world and is the perfect way to welcome Spring. The parade features beautifully designed floats complete with brightly coloured flowers. Live music and activities take place in the town centre of Noordwijkerhout.

Palace Soestdjijk 9. Palace Soestdjijk

The Netherland has a great selection of castles and historical monuments to visit. One of the best places to visit is the Palace Soestdijk, once home to members of the Dutch Royal Family and host to notable historical figures, it now offers beautiful tours of this 17th-century monument.

Zaanse Schans10. Zaanse Schans

A sightseeing tour of the windmills is a must-do for tourists visiting the Netherlands. Zaanse Schans is a traditional Dutch village offering views of traditional windmills, architecture and more. With so many local activities such as chocolate and cheese making, clog-making and more, it's a great place to get the traditional Dutch experience.

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